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As an internationally active, family-owned company, we know how important it is to maintain one’s roots. And that’s why we don’t just engage representatives around the globe, we have our own on-site companies with their own local identities. This has resulted in a global network consisting of 20,000 experts who contribute their know-how every day. They make us a prime mover within our industry sector and help to keep the world moving.

At Balaguer Rolls we are proud of being a mainstay in the food processing industry, offering our clients the market’s leading quality in solutions for raw materials milling.

With more than 100 years’ experience, Balaguer Rolls is the world’s leading company in manufacturing centrifugally chilled cast iron rolls for the food processing industry, exporting 99% of its production to more than 130 countries in the world.


There’s a lot we all take for granted. We’re counting on trams, subway trains and buses to take us through our cities safely and sustainably. We trust water treatment facilities to supply us with fresh water, and the food industry to safeguard us from allergens and bacteria. We expect wind farms to keep our lights on, and cars to be electric. There are a million other every day needs to satisfy – and a planet to take care of. 

4MATIC VALVE AUTOMATION is a USA based valve manufacturing company – a specialist in butterfly valves since 2005. We aspire to be the innovator and leader in valves and valve automation products catering to global industries. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, from UL-DQS.

4MATIC VALVE AUTOMATION serves and provides valve automation solutions for a wide spectrum of global industries, namely – Chemical, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceuticals, Power Generation, Automotive, Aerospace, Breweries, Offshore, Mining, Food & Beverages, Drainage Treatment, Water Management, HVAC, Marine and Slurry Fluids Management.

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